• How much does all this cost? Top question all the time!
    Lots of moola. Yep, designers - we like designer clothes, designer bags, designer cars, designer addresses....good thing some of us have common sense, families to feed, mortgages, and can actually produce a logo, web site, print collateral without the aid of 20 plus staff to tell us how great we are. We price our Logos at $300.00 - that's it. No more, nada, nothing except the logo is yours to have and hold from this day forward. But if you really like us.....then give us more business! Websites start at $1500, and we offer packages to include print and pixel collateral starting at $675.00. Enquire now. back to top
  • How will you know what type of logo I want?
    We will have a discussion, either face to face, phone or emails. I will send you a list of questions that start you on your road to discovering what your company/image should be, and where you want to be in the future. Calico approaches logo design and Branding via a Sales and Marketing approach. Believe me, many people have no idea what they want - that's great or we designers would be out of a job. I will show you other creative samples, basically to test your 'taste' and once you agree to continue, I will begin the 'pitch'. Be reminded, designers have a habit of offending by tending to show creative examples that look nothing like the Apple Logo or Nike logo; thats because we are not allowed to COPY!
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  • What kind of logos are there?
    Logos come in 3 different types:
    LogoType or Wordmarks logo
    Iconic or Symbol logo
    Combination logo
    Illustrative logo

    WordMark logos - usually incorporate the name of the company as the Logo or Brand Identity. Ex: Mobil Oil, Publix supermarkets, Coca Cola, FedEX, many law firms and professional groups.
    Iconic or Symbol - very famous logos have used the aid of a 'picture' or icon; Apple, Pepsi, WWF, Nike - of course one has to understand that these companies have paid and work very hard to ensure that the logo became 'iconic'. These logos although great designs, can fall under the chicken and the egg theory. What came first the great company or the great logo. We believe a great company comes first.
    Combination Logos - have both great word marks and a separate logo mark. McDonalds has both the golden arches and the wordmark. Starbucks, name and mermaid.
    Illustrative logos - are falling out of favor, these are the clasping hands, running horses, pictorial depictions of what your company does. Can still work in the right format. back to top
  • What is a pitch?
    Why are there so many clothes shops? Because everyone's idea of pretty is different. We will draw 3 logos, all different in order for you to see what we are thinking. We will explain our abstract lines, and circles until you see what we see and more importantly what your clients should see, if not; well then we bring out the Crayons again. We do not charge for the initial pitch. back to top
  • Why does it take so long?
    Calico Creative 'hand' draws or creates all images, we do not buy stock images nor use any clip art imagery. All artwork is our own creation based on your requirements and desires. Basically if you want a logo for $100 - go online, and buy one, it is guaranteed to look 100% like everyone else's so you won't stand out in a crowd. Better yet just draw a circle and put your initial inside. back to top
  • Do I need a Web Site?
    Wow - a loaded question. Yes and No. Yes if you can afford one, No if you can't. Best put your money on some Business Cards first. We will guide you as we are Sales people ourselves, on the best route to market. And guess what sometimes you will not need a Web Site, at least not now. Sometimes we will say, a web site is all you need, forget that expensive office space, online rentals are nearly free. back to top
  • I already have a Brand? can you change it?
    Hey we all outgrow our brands, trousers, skirts, short pants. Maybe a slight tweek is all you need, maybe a full overhaul, maybe you are asking the questions because sales have dropped? Calico does not just design, we will consult you on what you need now and for the tentative future. The Branding process is your company's promise to its clients, if that is failing we need to research why. back to top
  • What is email marketing?
    It is not - let me repeat - It is not, sending spam. It is sending well intentioned, easy to read, productive literature and letters to your prospecting clients. Following proper methods of addressing, opt out boxes, analytics etc....oh wait you are getting lost. You thought you could just email away without any follow up? Yes, you need for Calico to come to your aid, and design the proper templates, newsletters and methods that will legitimately inform your clients and prospective clients of your new offerings. back to top
  • Paper is dead, people are into emails and ebooks not treebooks?
    Yes, you are right Paper is dead, well its a dead tree pulp. But not all of us can remember electronically and many of us are still technologically challenged. Print Collateral is the simplest and most effective way to leave behind a message, or trail of where you can be found. You may not need 20 page brochures anymore, but you still need a way to inform clients of your Brochure WebSite, your email address, your phone number, your name. back to top
  • Do I need the Social Networking gig?
    Based on our discussions, and your company's needs we will come to a conclusion. It also helps if you are the outgoing type or enjoy bird watching. Oops Twittering. It does not fit all needs, but can help astronomically for others. Calico can assist with all Social networking, Twittering, Facebook pages, Linked In pages, etc.....we can design, and we can maintain these for you at monthly charges. No point having a Facebook page that is 6 months old now is there? back to top